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Registrants: The Show and Go Car Show has been rescheduled

As a valued registered participant in the 2020 Show and Go Car Show for Charity, we want to let you know that the Riverside East Rotary Club and the Old Farts Racing Team have made the decision to postpone the Show and Go Car Show for Charity until April 30-May 1, 2021 due to the COVID-19 crisis. The concern for the health of our participants and spectators, and the uncertainty of securing an alternate date for the remainder of 2020 have led us to determine that Show and Go should not take place until our regularly scheduled weekend in 2021.We deeply appreciate the registration that you sent. The registration money that the Riverside East Rotary Foundation receives for Show and Go is reinvested into the community to help fund a large variety of community organizations and projects. Many activities that we fund are geared toward youth, including scholarships, leadership training and educational opportunities such as school learning activities and local museums. We also help to fund critical services for our most vulnerable citizens including seniors.

As Show and Go is our only major fundraising event, the Riverside East Rotary Club will have to limit or curtail many of our contributions until Show and Go returns in 2021. Therefore, we are asking those that have already paid your registration for the 2020 car show if you will consider allowing the Riverside East Rotary Foundation to keep the money that you have paid to us to allow us to continue our support of the community on a limited basis until we are able to begin raising funds for the 2021 car show, Our mission will be able to continue. We will later open registration for Show and Go 2021.

If you allow us to keep your registration money this year and pay again to register for 2021, we will send you a special commemorative 2020 Show and Go t-shirt to thank you for your generosity.  Please click here for details.

Another option would be for you to apply your registration to Show and Go 2021 and we would not solicit you for registration next year as you would have already paid. A third option would be to issue you a refund if you request it.

Again, we thank you for your generosity and support of the Show and Go Car Show for Charity and the Riverside East Rotary Foundation. We look forward to your response and wish you the best during this unprecedented and difficult time for us all.

Additional information will be added here shortly for how you can indicate your preference.


Finn Comer
Mark Godfrey
Show and Go Car Show Co-Chairs

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