Vendor/Exhibitor Application Form

Application Deadline: April 1st, 2024

Vendor/Exhibitor Information
License Information
If applicable
Additional Information

Please submit: Certificate of Insurance naming the Riverside East Rotary Club (PO Box56115, Riverside, Ca 92517) The Old Farts Racing Team So-Cal and City of Riverside (3900 Main Street, Riverside, Ca 92522) as Certificate Holders with comprehensive general liability coverage and One million per occurrence and One Million aggregate limit. Vendors who will be selling must also include an Endorsement page to the policy.

Food/Truck Vendors

1. Please be advised that part of the Food Vendor Fees will pay for the Riverside County’s Environmental Health Departments’ blanket permit. You will be subject to the Health Department’s checklist and requirements and will be inspected on event day by County Health Inspectors and City of Riverside Fire Inspectors.

2. Vendor must bring appropriate working Fire Extinguisher(s) per City of Riverside Fire Code: CF6C 904 11.5.2 and 906.

3. Food Vendors will be included under the Temp Food Permit if application is received, accepted and paid on or before March 30, 2024.

4. TRASH: Please remove and dispose of all trash/debris; break down card board boxes prior to disposing. A $100 refundable cleaning deposit is required at time of application. The deposit will be kept if applicant neglects to clean up after event, thus resulting not being allowed to participate in the future. Please submit a separate check for cleaning deposit for expedited return.

GENERATORS: Power is not provided.Quiet generators areallowed.

All Sales booths require a City of Riverside Business License fee, please process through the City of Riverside

SET UP: 5:30am - 6:45am (No admittance after 6:45AM) BREAKDOWN: Saturday 5pm

❖ Waiver of Liability: By execution of this entry form, applicant hereby releases and discharges the event Organizers, their sponsor, Show and Go For Charity 2024 Organizing Committee, The Riverside East Rotary Club, The Old Farts Racing Team, So. Cal, and the City of Riverside, their directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, and servants, and anyone connected with the management or conduct of this event from any and all and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgment claims from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered to any member to his/her person or property; further applicant expressly agrees to indemnify all the foregoing entities, persons and bodies from any and all cooperating with applicant and/or under the direction or control of applicant. Applicant agrees to obey all rules and regulations of Organizers, the Committee, the Riverside East Rotary Club, The Old Farts Racing Team So. CA and the City of Riverside, which may be in effect during the time of the event. The applicant further understands that in the event of any and all natural disaster (wind, fire, flood, or earthquake) and any other Acts of God, which may hinder the applicant’s participation, will not warrant a refund.